Autumn in Seville is a great time to make cultural tourism in Seville, in addition to the more traditional visits that of course are inexcusable.
Discovering Seville in October is special. By staying in one of our touristic apartments in the center of Seville, you will have a great plan to live the culture of this city.
By staying in the center of Seville you can combine not only the key monuments like; Giralda, Alcázar, but also a unique route that we propose to our guests.
And this is none other than the route of the “Casas-Palacio”. “Casas-Palacio “in Seville are places full of art, beauty, and surprises that you cannot miss. Seville was called ‘Nova Roma’, by its splendor, because of this the best Italian and Flemish artists of the moment, brought unique elements of the Renaissance.

Some of the most outstanding are:
– Casa de Salinas. Located in the street Mateos Gago number 39.  This building dates back to the XVI century. If it is known for something it is because it combines various architectural styles in a unique way, this are: Renaissance, Gothic and Mudejar.
– Casa-Palacio de los Pinelo. You will find this magnificent building in the street Abades number 13. Its origin is linked to the implementation of the Academy of Painting created by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, a famous painter.
– Casa de Pilatos. This building is one of the best examples of Casas-Palacio of Seville, as well as a reference in Andalusia. It is located in a square with the same name of the palace, and it was built in the XV century. It stands out for unifying the Italian renaissance style and the Mudejar style.
– Casa Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija. Staying in a central hotel in Seville means having this building next to you. Located in the mythical street Cuna, it is a building of the sixteenth century. I has great international reputation for the spectacular collection of Roman mosaics that it houses inside of it.

From our DreamsApt Apartments in Jovellanos street you will have all of them at your fingertips